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Post-con creativity boost

I always find that after hanging out with people at cons, I get inspired to try new things (and not always gaming, anime, or cosplay related) Ever get overwhelmed by a desire to do like 6 things at once?

Here are a few projects niggling at the back of my mind…:

  • Art History/Evolution of Architecture animation set to Woodkid’s “Conquest of Spaces”
  • Get back to writing “Civil Disobedience”
  • Get back to writing “AC: Scion” fan project
  • Work on quilts for the Linus Project
  • Make my Halloween quilt
  • Redo my entire room— first gutting it and donating 80% of my stuff, then rebuilding
  • MOVE (preferably to Montreal, with a certain job waiting for me…)

As it is, I’m struggling with resume revamps and cover letters— I know I have the expertise, but not the experience, if that makes sense. Just gotta make sure that comes through…. Wish me luck. T__T

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